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Merry Christmas and happy New Year!
We OTK Group hope this year will be an important stage in achievement of your purposes. May it bring you good luck and will open new prospects. Happiness, health, love to you and your families. We are all looking forward to further  cooperation with  you. Faithfully yours, OTK Group
State Duma deputy opened the shortfall in the billions of rubles in customs
State Duma depute from "Popular Front" Ilya Kostunov sent a request to the head of Federal Customs Service Andrei Belyaninov with the requirement to verify the information on the possible underreporting by some participants of foreign economic activities of the customs value of photopolymer plates used for printing purposes. Also, the underpaiments of billions of rubles can be identified for other commodity groups, admits MP.

Marine Line BALTICARRIER - new opportunities for the delivery of goods from the U.S.
Every person ore company, starting a new business or making purchase in another country one way or another faced with the question of shipping and customs. And if the goods are purchased on the other end of the world both literally and figuratively, the associated problems often emerge in the ferst place. Despite the crisis, the U.S. remains the largest economy in the world and, accordingly, a supplier of goods and services worldwide. The calculations in dollars, which are so loved in Russia and favorable euro/dollar rate are shopping in the huge American market particularly attractive. The main question - how to deliver the goods to Russia fast and inexpensive? Well, if it is a small parcel or a box - there are postal and other services for this. But a track or a boat, then the question is complicated, because tou want fast and not expencive. In this case, the rational use of maritime transport services.

Only seven of the 34 residents of St. Petersburg a special economic zone began to implement projects
In April, St. Petersburg special economic zone pointed five years. While this long-term construction benefits only to contractors engaged in the preparation of the infrastructure in the zone. Residents do not recive the promised benefits and often can not begin construction because of the lack of  communication.Over the past five years in the development of territories  ("Noidorf" 18.9 hectares and "Novoorlovskaya" 110 hectares) has been invested 7,8 billion rubles. Of these, 2,3 billion rubles allocated for the resettlement of the federal budget of roads and communications outside the area worth 5,5 billion rubles, took over the city.

Lack of cable on the Vyborg customs creates problems for pre-customs information


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